Valencia: The City of Running
Valencia: The City of Running

Valencia has become a European epicentre for lovers of running and long-distance races. With a special relevance in marathon, half marathon and 10K races, this Mediterranean city has gained worldwide recognition for its outstanding sporting event: the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon.

The Valencia Marathon: A world-class sporting event

Since 1981, the Valencia Marathon has been a 42.195 kilometre footrace held annually, and since 2011, a 10K race has been held in parallel. This marathon has gained worldwide fame and recognition and is considered one of the fastest marathons on the planet, second only to the iconic London and Berlin marathons.

The 2023 edition of the Valencia Marathon promises to be particularly remarkable, having sold all 33,000 bibs seven months in advance, consolidating its position as the most popular 42km race in Spain. Its success is due in part to a significant budget of 4.4 million euros, with 45% coming from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, led by businessman Juan Roig.

This event not only attracts local runners, but has also captivated elite international athletes looking for a challenge on a course that promises to improve records. The prestige of the Valencia Marathon is underpinned by its platinum label awarded by World Athletics, the award for the best marathon in Spain by the RFEA and the impressive records achieved in previous editions.

The Valencia Marathon route is meticulously designed to provide a runner-friendly experience, taking advantage of the favourable environmental conditions in December, when the race is held. Throughout the 42 kilometres, participants run through emblematic streets, squares, and landscapes that make the race even more special.

Participation and expectations for the Valencia Marathon 2023

In addition to the Marathon, the city is also noted for the Half Marathon and the 10K race, which attract runners of all levels. The festive atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the public make these competitions a unique and exciting experience.

If you are interested in participating in one of these exciting races in Valencia, be sure to book your place in advance. For those who wish to secure their registration, there are premium options that offer various advantages. You can also take advantage of the waiting list in case the bibs are sold out.

If you are planning to travel to Valencia to participate in the races or simply to enjoy this beautiful city, the Hotel Conqueridor is an excellent choice for accommodation. This modern hotel offers comfort and a strategic location for easy access to places of interest and the race starting point.

Valencia has established itself as the City of Running in Europe thanks to the relevance and prestige it has acquired with the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, the Half Marathon and the 10K race. These sporting events bring together thousands of runners from all over the world, attracted by a spectacular route, an ideal climate and a festive atmosphere like no other. If you want to live an unforgettable experience as a runner or spectator, Valencia is the perfect destination to enjoy the passion of running. Get ready to experience intense emotions in the Mediterranean streets of the City of Running!